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Meet the Staff of E & E Auto Sales

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Brian Park - sales consultant/ Clarksville AR location

479-705-0148 - eeautoclarksville@yahoo.com

Brian is a lifelong resident of Clarksville Brian is very knowledgeable about the car business he has sold cars most of his life coming from a car sales  family Brian is 3rd generation in the Park family Brian started in the car business with his grandfather and father in fact the E&E location is Brian`s old stomping grounds call or come by the lot at 2102 W Main in Clarksville phone #479-705-0148

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Greg Easom - owner/salesman


Greg has owned and operated E and E auto sales for over 20 years and has turned it into one of the more successful businesses in Ozark.

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Steve Garrison - Salesman

479-209-1389 -

Steve has been the lead salesman for 15 years, before his days in the car business he was a racehorse jockey. If your visiting with him you probably here a story or two.

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Tina Myers - Office manager

479-667-2353 -

Tina has been here since the start,she handles all the paperwork, really she handles everything.

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Phillip Duncan - general manager Clarksville location

479-667-7820 - eeautoclarksville@yahoo.com

Phillip has been in the car business forever. He was born and raised in ozark,and pretty much knows just about everything about the business. Phillip is the general manager for our CLARKSVILLE AR. location give Phillip a call today for all your auto needs at479-754-0148 or come by the lot at 2102 West Main in Clarksville Ar.   

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Joe Smith - Mechanic

479-667-2354 -

Joe has worked her for ten years. He is a great mechanic,his knowledge continues to grow as the auto industry does

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Jordan Easom - Technician

479-667-2353 -

Jordan plays a part in every aspect of our business. it seems like the younger generation is a lot less challenged on the computer than some of us ole timers.

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