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Meet the Staff of E & E Auto Sales

Greg Easom - owner/salesman


Greg has owned and operated E and E auto sales for over 20 years and has turned it into one of the more successful businesses in Ozark.

Steve Garrison - Salesman


Steve has been the lead salesman for 15 years, before his days in the car business he was a racehorse jockey. If your visiting with him you probably here a story or two.

Tina Myers - Office manager


Tina has been here since the start,she handles all the paperwork, really she handles everything.

Phillip Duncan - Sales


Phillip has been in the car business forever. He was born and raised in ozark,and pretty much knows just about everything about the business.

Joe Smith - Mechanic


Joe has worked her for ten years. He is a great mechanic,his knowledge continues to grow as the auto industry does

Jordan Easom - Technician


Jordan plays a part in every aspect of our business. it seems like the younger generation is a lot less challenged on the computer than some of us ole timers.